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The dose of zocor should not exceed 20 mg day see warnings and precautions , drug interactions , and clinical pharmacology .

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Other side effects of zocor may include headache, stomach pain, weakness, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, gas, and the common cold.

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However, i have a couple of patients who are ok on zocor, but cannot take lipitor – nausea primarily.

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8 6 08 – the enhance clinical trial was a 2-year study evaluating whether merck s statin drug zocor 80mgs which when combined with schering-plough s zetia 10mgs to form the drug vytorin was more effective in reducing atherosclerosis than was zocor when taken alone.

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0003, 182 deaths in the zocor group vs 256 deaths in the placebo group .

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